An eviction company has caused outrage after its advert compared people renting homes to vermin. The marketing campaign by Remove a Tenant, which targets residential property owners, features a piece of cheese below the caption: “Are your tenants pests?” They offer packages to landlords and agents across Britain and claim to have expertise in dealing with housing benefits claims. Campaigners for renters complained that the company’s advert on Facebook was “beyond unacceptable” and should be taken down immediately.

Shelter says reform is necessary to reduce the number of buy-to-let landlords evicting sitting tenants when they sell – and, if they do sell with a tenant in place, to ensure the buyer doesn’t then evict the renter. They are calling for an end to “the landlord’s power to evict at any time, for any reason, outside a fixed term tenancy” and say compulsory five year tenancies with reduced or no eviction rights may be a solution.