People who rent homes privately in the UK are paying more for their properties per month, than those who purchase their homes, as demand in the rental market pushes costs higher. According to a new study, the average rent in the private sector, in the year ending 2016, was £184 per week, compared to £159 per week for mortgage repayments in the same period. Overall, homeowners spend an average of 18% of their income on their house, while renters, on average, spend up to 35% of their earnings on housing.

A new survey of renters reveals that the majority of young Britons don’t believe they can afford to a get a foot on the housing ladder. Almost a third – 30% – of renters say they never plan on buying a home, although 71% of tenants would be unhappy at the prospect of renting forever. Mayank Mathur, of The Urban Collective who conducted the research, said,“If we’re going to become a nation of ‘forever renters’ then customer service in the rental market has to improve. [Now, it is] geared towards serving landlords, not the tenants.”

Superfast broadband is one of the most important things to those looking for a new place to live; almost on par with running water and electricity. These days, demands for front gardens, spacious rooms and good schools, are being replaced by good nightlife nearby, strong transport links, and fast internet connections. It’s all part of the influence that younger tenants and buyers are having on the market.